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Customer Care

Order management


Customer retention

Technical support

Customer Experience

An organized customer support service plan can be the one factor that keeps your business ahead of the competition.  Crystel offers a customer support solution that provides you with access to a team of specially trained and managed group of agents, powered by industry-leading technologies.

With 24/7 customer support, Crystel’s customer care approach covers customer engagement at every stage of customers’ lifecycle.

Artificial Intelligence &
Digital Transformation

Through its partnership with Xina, the world’s first Arabic interactive voice assistant (IVA) and chatbot, Crystel utilizes artificial intelligence and natural language understanding to automate customer support functions. The artificial intelligence technology additionally combines Arabic speech recognition and speech synthesis into one system.

Ultimately, Xina is on a mission to pioneer the development of voice-powered technologies that revolutionize communication, solve business challenges, and uncover novel artificial intelligence and speech recognition applications in everyday life.

Contact center

and optimization

Quality assurance

Data analysis and
contact center
operations audit

Build-operate-transfer model


Crystel assesses the challenges facing in-house call centers, analyzes current operations, including reporting, key performance indicators (KPIs) and service-level agreements (SLAs), and recommends solutions to support your organization in reaching new business horizons as per the contact center industry standards.

With its data analytics and intelligence services, Crystel is able to help your contact center and operations reduce operating costs, provide better services, and furnish your company with empirical evidence to improve your capacity for business decision making while enhancing your brand image.


Manpower outsourcing

Payroll management

Human Resource Outsourcing

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from Human Resources outsourcing, especially as the focus on employee well-being and company culture grows.

We can assist you in finding, evaluating, hiring, and managing your staff to ensure that you have the right employees needed for your next project. We also offer payroll services, which involve everything from calculating payroll taxes to addressing payroll inquiries. This enables you to do more for your employees while removing the load from your existing Human Resource Department.


An efficiently trained staff is the wheel that keeps your business moving; and Crystel understands there is no substitute or corner-cutting for contact center staff training.

Crystel’s contact center focused trainings include

Customer Care Foundation
Contact Center Management
Quality Assurance


Leasing of Crystel’s exclusive premises, including the work space needed, the technology infrastructure, and access to the shared facilities

Crystel facilities include

Redundant telephony infrastructures for the contact center
Redundant data and security networks
Firewall and VPN access
UPS for all on-premise and electric generators backups
24x7x365 Operations

Data entry & application processing

Knowledge base building

Back Office Support

Back office responsibilities are essential to keeping your business running efficiently.  With Crystel’s effective back-office support, handling your business operations has never been easier; allowing your company to focus on its core competencies and functions.

Translation Services

When you outsource translation services, you can rest assured that your project will be handled by experts from various fields.

Our language experts at Crystel will ensure that your websites, content, and other translation needs are properly translated into various languages both efficiently and with the highest quality.

Data Management

For any business, the availability of accurate data is crucial. We at Crystel assist businesses by delivering superior data entry, data cleansing, data scanning, data analysis, and information gathering.

Accounting Outsourcing Services

You can outsource your accounting services to Crystel for a full accounting department experience. This includes day-to-day transactions such as coding, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and a variety of other accounting services.

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