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Delivering innovative customer experience solutions to our clients globally.

How we do it

How we do it

We offer personalized services to help improve business performance and enhance the value of our clients’ brands.

Through dedication to excellence

We provide innovative and dynamic services and solutions.

Cost Savings

We enable businesses to perform business processes at lower costs.


We tailor our services according to our client’s needs and budgets.

Customer Centricity

We maintain close-knit relationships with our clients to understand their needs.


We work tirelessly on realizing our vision and to propose new cutting-edge ideas.

Job Growth Supporter

We create thousands of equal job opportunities, especially for the youth.

Why Outsource

Focus on your core
business functions
Eliminate the hassle of training & managing agents
Guarantee a higher
degree of efficiency
Utilize exceptional customer experience technologies
Save through offshore and Onshore outsourcing
Get sufficient staffing around the clock
Consumers served


We took the right decision by entrusting Crystel with the customer care support of our mobile activity. Crystel’s dedication, accuracy, efficiency and passion to delivering superior outsourcing services, resulted in being a great asset to us. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Crystel and evolving it even further.

Crystel has proven to be a reliable outsourcing partner for our ministry’s e-Government program by professionally assessing the situation with all involved governmental entities, designing a world-class solution, and operating in a multi-channel and multilingual environment while adhering to the highest levels of quality and performance standards.

Crystel positively surpassed our expectations, with various numbers of campaigns, for creating new business leads for our products. Crystel’s campaign management experience is reflected through their highly skillful teamwork and intensive processes in place for achieving such great results.

Our accomplishments and success as a financial institution in the market is mostly a result of our partnerships, such as the one we have with Crystel, which provides our customers with what they want, when they need it, around the clock.

Crystel has been our arm in conducting various automotive research studies as part of our yearly quality control.  Crystel have proven to be a valuable partner for us as they have excelled in their professionalism, precision, and accuracy and were able to meet our requirements, timelines and most importantly, our satisfaction.

We work with Crystel to implement various outbound campaigns, including research studies, data analysis and collection, and many targeted campaigns. Crystel’s dedication, speed, and accuracy for each deliverable proved to be a valuable asset to our customer relationship management program.

We would like to compliment Crystel on an exceptional training course that we attended at their premises!  The program was very informative, and addressed all our needs and gaps. The trainer was patient and precise. We would highly recommend this training program to any company wishing to improve its customer experience and overall image.  It was very refreshing and helpful!

In the process of ensuring superior customer experience to keep our customers satisfied and loyal, Crystel has lead this area successfully. We gained a competitive advantage from our outsourcing partnership with this wonderful OSP, to support our GCC users.

Crystel help us keeping our online content fresh and makes sure that the information we provide online is perfectly consistent with what our contact center is conveying. Crystel helps us listen to customers, handle their needs quickly, so our website can be easily navigated. We have been rewarded the right principles, practices and tools, and most importantly cost and content efficiencies.

As our strategic partner for customer service outsourcing, Crystel has been providing us with excellent customer service since our launch. Our strong customer service experience is our top priority. This can be attributed to Crystel’s highly experienced professionals and value-added knowledge in the field of contact center services and consulting, and we appreciate the benefit that Crystel can bring to the telecom industry.

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