Utilizing an all IP contact center solutions from global leaders such as Avaya and Genesys, Crystel is able to help you deliver self-service solutions, business analytics, and a complete multi-channel communication solution that meets the most stringent needs of your business.

Some of the tools and features utilized at Crystel include:

Interactive Voice Response and Self-Service allows you to serve customers through an automated system in an efficient manner, eliminating the need for live agents for routine issues. A well-scripted IVR system can provide significant benefits to customers by offering service around the clock, while saving you time and resources.

Redundant connectivity and infrastructure provides back-up options and business continuity for every aspect of the operation, eliminating downtime that could be caused by any event, such as carrier and electrical outages, technical difficulties or any other unforeseen disturbances.

Voice messaging is a complimentary service to deal with time of extreme high volumes of calls, and with a proper relay and response system, Crystel will ensure a positive customer experience.

Call Management software gives supervisors and our clients with real-time and historical data that they will need to gain efficiency and reduce costs. They are highly functional solutions that help identify operational issues and take immediate action to solve them.

An essential feature to monitor the performance of the team members, and to perform various quality assurance tasks and activities. Customer satisfaction can be constantly monitored and verified when the calls are 100% recorded.

Automated outbound dialing can be used to find potential through proactive outreach and efficient campaigns. By automatically connecting agents with customers, and eliminating the time required by agents to dial customers, Crystel outbound dialing solutions can maximize agent productivity and deliver the information required accurately for a successful and seamless interaction.