Research & Data Management

Research & Data Management

At Crystel we display an ethos of movement – continuous and deliberate with upward mobility; thus, we assist companies with after-sales follow up and research to consistently evaluate the quality of their product. With Crystel’s research based solutions, keeping your objectives aligned has never been clearer.

Crystel delivers premium research using the following methods:

Having a stream of information that explain why people buy your product or use your services is essential to the success of any business. As your market research partner, we will be able to save you time and uncover information you may have overlooked. Our professional market research team of experts has the methods, strategies and expertise to conduct the research efficiently and effectively.

Businesses that create happy customers flourish, while almost all unsatisfied customers will never consider buying or using a service from a business that disappointed them. Our company expertise includes great methods and metrics specifically designed to measure your customer satisfaction in order to retain your customers. The data we provide will be the leading indicator of consumer repurchase and loyalty.

Providing cost-effective Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI) services will substantially speed up the process of collecting all the data and feedback required to make the adjustment needed for a flourishing business.

Our services can be tailored to cater to your business requirements, as our state-of-the-art method of data collection by telephone focuses on our customer centricity, in customizing the screen-displayed questions according to your specific need. You will receive the right data that will assure you remain competitive in an accurate, fast and cost effective manner.