Back Office

Back Office

Back office responsibilities are essential to keeping your business running efficiently like a well-oiled machine. With Crystel’s effective back-office support, handling your business operations has never been easier; allowing your company to focus on its core competencies and functions.

Back office services include:

Regardless of the size of records or applications you need to handle and digitize, we offer our professional services and support, with well-trained data entry experts, guaranteeing the highest standards of accuracy, speed and cost-effectiveness.

Besides support on “traditional support channels”, such as phone, email and chat, Crystel offers social media support to service your customers on social media channels. For many consumers, social media has become the primary channel for reaching out to companies and this is where Crystel social media services come alive.
Our social media support representatives and experts consist of people specifically selected and trained to provide exceptional customer service through various social media channels around the clock.

Websites, apps, and blogs that feature un-filtered interactions with users are always in need of professional content moderation in order to remove dangerous and unsolicited content.

Crystel moderation services support companies within various verticals with several moderations services including pre-moderation, post-moderation and reactive moderation in order to ensure consistency and accuracy of comments, photos and other contributions by the company’s customers and users.

The objectives of Crystel’s moderation team is to help your brand gain a positive reputation.